Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Well, What Do Ya Know?

Guess who's light bulb just turned on in the potty training department?  Yeah, it's my Ashley.  Golly gee.  Every single time I start to wonder if I should just MAKE them learn how to potty (even though I know it's more about when they are ready), their light just turns on and it's done.  When I wait for them to be ready, it only takes them one week to get it down pat.  Well, the post from yesterday I actually wrote a few days before yesterday.  Literally, the next day she walked to the toilet and went potty in it. Well, goodness! That was the first time and since then she has gone potty every time.  All my kids learn exactly after their 3rd birthday.  I really should stop worrying so much.   
I'm tellin' ya, it's awesome!  Just one in diapers. :D  <---- That is a very BIG grin.

How cool is the toilet seat too? My in-laws brought over this really cool toilet seat and I thought it'd be perfect for when Ashley decides to potty on the toilet. Now she just walks over to it and puts the little lid down for little butts. They couldn't have timed this better giving us this awesome toilet. It's so easy to clean too and I can put away her little potty training toilet.


Bonnie said...

I am so jealous! But just wanted to say YAY for Ashley! Love the toilet seat.

Chris H said...

WEll done Ashley!
And that is a neat toilet seat! Wish we could get them here!