Friday, October 01, 2010

Dropping The Ball

After 3 months of false charges from my phone and internet company and a 3 hour phone call this morning, I finally got my internet again.  Can you believe I was being charged for 3 months of service I have not had?  They insisted I had internet.  Believe me, I know when I don't have internet.  3 hours of being passed person to person and FINALLY they drop all the charges.  They were basically calling me a liar and saying I've had it all this time.  Sheesh.  Turns out, someone just forgot to note on the records that I cancelled all my services with them 3 months ago.  No, I haven't had internet all this time, it just wasn't in their notes and they didn't mind at all continuing to charge me.  After getting several hundred dollars dropped and an apology, I'm happy. :D
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