Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clutter Me Crazy

I'm the kind of person that doesn't realize clutter is slowing creeping into my house until I one day look around and scream..


It really freaks me out.  I have to keep things very simple or I can't handle it.  I get to where I just go into circles cleaning and get NO WHERE.  So today I looked in my kid's bedrooms and just felt like I was drowning. They just haven't been doing a good job on cleaning their rooms.  Kids get overwhelmed too so if there is just too much stuff and no where to put it, it's gonna be confusing and it'll generally just get dirty.  I hate little small toys.  Those are my pet peeve toys.  Especially those McDonalds toys.  So I usually always throw out the little things.  Real toys like remote control cars, swords, play guns (had to attach "play" in case you got worried), big dinosaurs, and costumes. Those are cool. 

Check out HGTV 25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes.  Interesting.

Today Charles and I moved stuff around in the boys room and I stole a huge bookshelf out of his office that used to be in the kids rooms for toys.  While I was at it I asked if I could take his office too.......

It was a stretch...... but he said yes!  He has had a career change and didn't need it so it will be Caleb's room.  Whoo hoo!  He so needs a room for his baby toys, crib, and changing table.  So tomorrow I'm going into all the kid rooms and throwing out junk toys, broken toys, happy meal toys.  Whatever is annoying. 

Works for me.  I'd do it right now but the are all sleeping so it's not a good idea.  I'm just itching to do it.  Must wait till morning after my coffee.  :D

P.S.  Guess what?!!  After writing this, just for fun I looked up clutter in the search engine and it brought me to this really crazy website called Ugly House Photos.  People actually use some of these pictures to sell their homes.  The purpose of this is to also show us what mistakes are made in how they display their houses but some of the pics are just so crazy!  If you scroll down on the left, you get different rooms.  Like one is about hoarders.  In case you have a sensitive stomach, just make sure to avoid THIS ONE.

Soooo, after looking at some of the messy and clutter pics I started feeling pretty good!  I was like "whoa, my house isn't that bad after all!"  But those photos scared me so much that it really wanted me to barge in my kid's bedrooms, wake them up, and have us all start getting rid of some stuff.  That site really freaked me out.  :P

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LOL at the little cartoon!

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