Thursday, October 14, 2010

Being a Crazy Cleaning Lady

I really meant it when I said I was gonna declutter yesterday. The next morning I hopped out of bed (not exaggerating), got my coffee and just attacked the clutter in the kids room. I know it's hard for kids to really clean their rooms when they are just overwhelmed. So I threw out (donated) 3 huge garbage bags full of toys that they no longer played with or was not in good condition. Brought in a big bookshelf (this one from IKEA) for toys. They only have in there what they really care about and actually play with which is not much. They only have one bin for their costumes which our kids are big on so costumes were staying. 

Then I attacked the girls room and did the same thing.  I removed all the toys that were of no interest anymore or just worn out.  She now only has one bin of toys and it's only half full.  I moved out all the furniture and really cleaned her tile floor.  Moved out the dressers from the closet and cleaned floors and baseboards in there.  She had some friends over and some pretty big messes were made so I had to really clean her play house and her play dishes. Her room looks fantastic and simple to clean.  That girl hates to clean her room but yesterday she said she loved it and it was so easy to clean.  So there you go.  :)  Make it simpler and cleaning isn't so hard.

Then I grabbed one of the Magic Erasers.  I am IN LOVE.  I've used them before I just completely forgot about it.  Well, when I got one on the mail I thought I'd try it. I was frustrated at my living room wall earlier because I tried wiping it down and getting some pen marks off (that Ashley did) but to no avail.  The Magic Eraser just wiped that stuff off so easy I was shocked.  After I finished that walls I wiped down all the doors in the house, walls in the hallway, the girl's wall in their room (where Ashley attacked with crayons also), in the bathroom.  I used that sucker till it was a tiny little thing and broke apart. My husband loved it so much he went out last night and grabbed a couple more!  Ahhh!  I am so excited to see what else that Magic Eraser can do. 

So today I have to wipe down all my fans around the house and there is one in every room (two in the living room), clean out my fridge, deep clean bathrooms.  Yada, yada.  Charles is home all week so I am taking advantage of the extra eyes and arms that can help with the kids while I am in cleaning bliss.  I have never cleaned so fast in my life as I did yesterday (I cleaned for 15 hours with only tiny breaks to eat).  I was just kind of like doing a spring cleaning.  Doing the stuff that I don't get to as often.  (Vents, under things, etc).  Today I have to take down the curtains and wash them.  No I'm not pregnant and having that nesting thing.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

No, not pregnant and nesting. Reading that real estate website thing! Some of those houses are amazing... in a bad way!