Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where We Spend Our Sundays

This is where we are sunday mornings and sunday nights. :)  I could only get a pic of part of the church.  This particular day was pretty embarrasing.  Ivy passed gas really loud 3 different times. People kept turning around to see who it was.  Eventually, we could hear the giggling around us. lol

Below: Our church assistants being sent out to a different state.  We always sit in the back.  With 5 kids ( and one in nursery) we have to be able to get up sometimes.  I don't like to be distracting to anyone.  Ashley is a newly pottytrained one so I have to get up at least once to take her to the restroom.  The older 4 I make wait till after service unless it's an emergency.  Ivy had evidence of something coming though (heh heh) because she was tooting away.  LOL

My  mom is in choir also and she is directly behind me.  It's really fun going to practices and visiting with friends. We aren't perfect obviously but we have a lot of fun together.

It's really fun singing during song service.  It's fun to harmonize and stuff.  My friend to my right sings alto, I sing soprano or high soprano, and then of course the guy next to me does whatever he wants because he's multi talented.  :D  haha.

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Unknown said...

Awe, I miss Monica. We were BFF's when she was here in Denver. I'm sure they will do great in CA. And I'm sure the Dodd's will be great assistant pastors there in Tempe! I miss Rachel too! :)

Amber said...

I loved that video! Thanks for sharing! I will have to go to that living waters website.