Monday, October 25, 2010

Plan Changed, Went to Skateland!

My kids have this habit of springing something on to me really quick so while I was laying day taking a nap after the kids got off the school bus, they asked if I'd take them to the school skating event.  I looked into their big o' eyes, then at the clock, I had a half hour.  I said, "Hurry guys!  Get your skates, change your clothes.  We're goin'!  While they ran around getting their stuff I ran into the kitchen and put together some burritos and drinks.  I never worked so fast before.

I was shocked at how well Ivy skates for a 5 year old. She rarely toppled over and went pretty fast. It's so darn cute watching little kids skate.
Ryan and Kyle (below) had a blast skating and saying hello to all their friends.  Ryan, true to his character, would go around and help the kids skate that were shaky on their feet. What a sweetheart.

Ashley didn't skate of course although it would have been cute if I had brought her Barbie plastic skates that help her go slow.  But since I was in such a hurry I couldn't grab my own Sketcher skates, I wasn't able to skate with them. :(  Do you know that you can burn between 700-1200 calories in one skating session?  A skating session is 2-2 1/2 hours.  I mean, THAT'S a fun way to lose weight and exercise.  If they were closer I would probably just get a membership.  Beats going to the YMCA.  Haha!

Above: Ashley kept trying to give Caleb hugs and he just wasn't going for it.  I guess he was dressed to impress and little sis was just making him look all mushy like.  Heh heh.

Above: Ryan frequently comes back to check on us and his little brother.  I have to tell you this. He told me that when his baby brother is crying in his crib and we don't get him right away.  It just breaks his heart. He said that he just wants to go rescue him. 

While we were there they had an event where you could get your kids fingerprinted.  We definitely wanted to do that. He doesn't keep the information, he puts all their info with their fingerprints on a disk for you and then deletes it from his computer (which he did in front of us).  We went and got all our kids to participate. 

Above: When skating is over for the night they have all the kids play some games.  This night they did tug of war and of course the boys won because there was more of them.  :D  The girls was the screaming contest.  Of course.

P.S.  When we were leaving we saw the new session of kids lining up outside of the skating rink.  These are the kids that are gonna skate from 8-midnight.  About 200 teenagers and not one adult in sight.  It was wild like you wouldn't believe!  I guess these places are a babysitter?  Kind of like the mall?  I'm not sure what to think about it because some of these kids were Chaz's age coming without their parents and these were younger teens.  I can't imagine dropping Chaz and Ryan off their by themselves.  Especially with a wild crowd like that.  My husband said maybe we see it different as adults because he used to come by himself too when he was an early teen.  I guess I'll know when I get there. :)  STILL, you bet I'm gonna be there even if I'm just in the background.  My teen boys around tons of girls with tiny clothes?  Yeah, they are shaking their mom off that easy.  I'll be the annoying one with the binoculars.

Above: Ryan, Ashley, Ivy, and Kyle.  Ashley will be skating soon.  :)

<-----  Good idea for a Christmas gift, eh?  I want to do this for Christmas. What a fantastic idea! I hope my family doesn't, um, see this.  You can't beat this deal.  A free picture calendar and only have to pay shipping.  No, it doesn't make me cheap.  It makes me CrEaTiVe.

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