Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picnic At The Zoo

Right off the bat when we got there, Ivy got lost.  We were sitting here, just a couple feet away from treehouse. She didn't see us and started crying.  A park ranger asked us if we were missing a child.  Noooo, we weren't.  We are sitting right here.  She just momentarily lost site of us and got scared.  It's be like losing us in Mcdonalds.  It's a small section where we were at. 

This is obviously one of our very favorite places to go because we always have pictures of us here at least once to twice a month.  We love to go and have a picnic.  Sometimes we visit the animals and sometimes we don't. 

Ashley (above) is so little and petite. 

Here I am at the zoo and I love looking at the fishes.  Even taking pics. I know, you're wondering where the pics of the tigers are. Heh heh.  Like I said, we come here all the time and we do something different each time. This time we picnicked and only stayed in one section.  It was such a lovely day.

Where else can you picnic and see a peacock walking near your feet?

Ivy (above) is such a poser. I always, always try to take natural shots of my kids playing but I almost never can with Ivy.  As soon as she sees the pictures she poses in 2 seconds flat.

Whoa!  I need a tan.  Nah, I stay away from skin cancer and premature wrinkles. Okay, I need some spray tan.

Caleb (above) is the sweetest cuddle muffin.  He just wants his mommy and he's happy there. I tried to put his little toes in the water and he screamed.  He would even let his toes touch the soft sand.  Either he's a clean freak or he just doesn't know what to think about it.

Ryan wants to show you that by this cool pose, he's a man of the wild. At least in Man Made Wild.  He's up in the treehouse here and he said I didn't show how high up he really was.

Ryan really doesn't want his sister cuddling on him here.  I think it's because he's at the stage where having his little sister cling on him just makes him feel self conscience.  But if I gave him Caleb, his little baby brother, he is proud as ever.  Did you know that almost every night (in the middle of the night) he gets up with Caleb and gets him a bottle so he can go back to sleep? He doesn't even tell me.  He says he just wants us to rest.  Ladies, if you have a nice Christian daughter, when this boy gets older we will start filling out applications.  All interviews with Ryan will be conducted by his mother.

Ashley (above) is such a girlie girl that she cries if she breaks a nail.  Not joking.  She does come up to us time to time to show us if a nail got bent or broken.  So Charles is helping her up.

Ivy Joy, like I said, loves the camera.

Charles was throwing the kids up in the air and I had to scramble for my camera to catch her at the right moment up in the air.  So cute. She kept saying, "Again daddy!"

When we were at the water fountain we were all hysterically laughing because we were putting water on our hair to shape it into funny shapes.  I made Chaz's hair to look like Wolverine in Xmen.  I gave Ryan the nerd with hair wet down and split down the middle.  I made Caleb's just cute with a curl.  :)

Isn't this cactus sweet?  I've never seen it before.  It tricks you because the "leaves" look soft but hidden in between is really sharp thorns.  Crazy!  I would want to fall into that.

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Chris H said...

What lovely photos of everyone.... even the peacock!
All your kids are photogenic!