Monday, November 30, 2009

Can you say BUSY?

Ever since I've had Caleb, I can't describe to you how busy I've been!  Well, maybe I can.  You know how nursing is.  It takes lots of time!  So with homeschooling, nursing, laundry, dishes, meals, etc., I just have such a hard time finding time to blog.  That's what I love to do most!  Should I start blogging on the toilet!  Ha!  Just kidding.  Don't worry about that vision in your head.  If you look under this post, I posted pictures we took on Sunday for our Christmas photo.  Don't worry, those won't all be on my Christmas card.  LOL.  We just had so much fun taking pictures that we didn't quit!  They all came out so beautiful.  I don't like myself in them because of my weight gain from having baby but OH WELL.  I am getting gym membership soon because this is gonna drive me nuts.  I HATE gaining weight and won't tolerate it.  Now that I'm only 30, the weight doesn't melt off as easy every time I have a baby. Needless to say, I hope to have a few years in between before I have another baby if I have another one.  What's funny is that on Sunday, when we chose to get pictures by the lake, there were other families there with the same idea.  It was hard not getting each other in the back ground.


Daddy Forever said...

Weight gain? You gain the least amount of weight I know for a pregnant womant.

Chris H said...

YOu look fantastic for just having had your 6th Baby! Wish I had looked that good after my 6! That is my favourite photo too!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo! What a gorgeous setting and an even more gorgeous family. Busyness is the stuff of life, isn't it. Sometimes when I feel frustrated with how busy I am I just remember how blessed I am to be busy and tired. I know you know that! Blessing to you and yours during this special time of year!