Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween at Schnepf Farms

For Halloween we weren't really sure about trick or treating. Besides, so many people don't participate anymore so it's been hard to find neighborhoods to go to. We can't in ours and no one is getting involved anyway. So in the end we decided to have a safe Halloween at the farm! They had so, so, so much to do. Roller coasters, which I rode at least 20 times, bumblebee ride, airplane ride, trick or treating, pumpkin patches, corn maze, pumpkin launch, pig races, BBQ with country band, hay rides, pony rides, flying swings, etc. Best of all, everyone was in costume. It was a lot of fun! I put the slideshow of pics at the top of my blog for you to view. We stayed as late as we could and ended the night sitting on hay stacks around a fire. It was a nice ending to a crazy and fun night! Since the kids didn't get too much candy, we weren't really trying, the next day we headed to the store to get 1/2 price candy. I told the kids to all grab one bag, including Charles and I. When we got home I mixed all the candy together and equally distributed into each kid's bag. One thing we forgot to do this year was buy 8 pumpkins and carve one for each of us! We were so bummed and by the time we got to the store the next day, all the pumpkins were sold out. So we just have one which was the one I was gonna use for pumpkin pie. We are going to go ahead and carve it. Boy, I am behind this year!


Anonymous said...

That does sound like fun. Fortunately for us Halloween is kind of a new thing here. We don't participate in it, but no one showed up at our door anyway.

GiGi said...

Im glad you were able to find some fun!!!

momto9 said...

very cute outfits!!!!