Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Hindsight...

...I shouldn't have got that veil. Oh well. Whoa, hot guy alert! Who is that skinny chick with my man? That can't be me. That girl wore a size 3 and couldn't put weight on even if she tried. Well, having kids fixed that problem. I want that problem back though.

Today, my kids really gave me a run for my money in the homeschooling department. It is super hard for them to concentrate sometimes and that is frustrating for them and me. When my husband came home in the afternoon I was needing a break badly. I was in the middle of making lunch and he said "why don't you go take a bath and read a book?" I was like "really?" I was just wondering though if he knew how to make the cheese crisps. Those are my husband's favorite but the only thing he can really make is a bowl of Ramen in the microwave. Haha. :D When I got in the bath I heard a knock on the door. It was my husband and he said "Um, babe? HOw do you make a cheese crisp?" LOL. I told him and I felt a little bad I wasn't making it myself but he said "No problem, babe!" Ahhhhh.....it was hard to get out of that bathtub. Then he headed back to work and I continued homeschooling. My kitchen was torn apart because we went through and cleaned all the cupboards out so it's taken me a couple of days to wash every single dish and pot and put it all back.

By the time I was finished with the boys (homeschooling) at 4pm and working more on the kitchen, I had a terrible headache and was just so exhausted. By the time my husband got home, I was ready to head for bed. When he walked in the door he told me I should go take a nap and he'll take care of things. I knooooow though that this meant dinner would be later because my husband doesn't cook! :D I laid down and totally crashed at 5pm. I could have slept through till the next morning I was so tired but I got up knowing everyone was hungry. We had dinner at 8:30pm which is way late for us because usually our kids are in bed by that time and sleeping. My husband, who has a major big heart, played with the kids for another hour and a half while I nursed Caleb and then cleaned up. Oh, thank goodness for someone who has compassion and happens to be mine. Whoo-wee.

I'm up putting the kitchen back together while the kids are sleeping because it's just so much easier and Mr. Caleb is awake with me. Together we are yawning but hopefully heading for bed soon. Nursing always makes me tired so usually I just fight through it. Luckily I have a bestfriend/husband who has a big heart and gives me a rest when I need it most. :D You rock, Charles! I can tell you that he knows how to make a cheese crisp now. Yesssss.
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