Monday, November 09, 2009

We Heart Library Nights And Other Updates

Every other Tuesday night we all go to the library. The one we go to is really rockin'! We've always loved it but now there is a lot of construction going on to build on even more in the kid's area. I love the cafe there. It's just like a Starbucks. They have a huge children's area with computers for kids, a toddler area where moms can read while their tots play with toys. Just really cool. It's pretty huge and sooo family friendly with a nursing and changing room for babies. So we really look forward to that. (Not the diaper changes. We look forward to getting books.)

Above: Charles is so cute holding baby Caleb! Hee hee.....

Chaz found a book on making paper airplanes so he was sooo excited. Then Ryan found a book on how to make things, like castles, from recycle stuff. So when he got home, he had fun pulling out cereal boxes, empty toilet paper rolls, etc. to make himself a castle! Then they were having airplane contests all day. They are starting to realize how resourceful the library really can be!

My daughter Ashley loves the toddler area since it's so hard to keep her still! Makes it easier for mommy to pick out her books or visit the cafe while dad is with them.

Above: Here is proof right here that weirdness runs in our veins in this family. If my son putting a baby sock on his ear isn't proof enough, then I don't know what is.


I am so switching my 3rd grader's homeschooling program to SOS.  "SOS" truly is the word.  What he does now is extremely boring, beyond measure.  It can't hold his attention.  I have to work with him for so long that it's getting harder to help everyone get their work done every day.  I found out, especially from the Duggar site, that Switched On Schoolhouse is great for this reason. Not only that but I'm in love with the idea that they get a course in The Bible.  Neato!  It costs a good amount but I've heard a lot of great stuff about it.  :) 

OTHER NEWS.  Is it possible that anyone might have more hyper kids than mine?  I mean, sheesh.....

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Anonymous said...

I used to work for SOS/AO Online. Great program!


Gina, from Facebook!