Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cramping My Style

My Aunt Joy and Uncle Lloyd drive around the US and so when they drop into our city, we always love a visit. Plus, I love my dear Aunt Joy and my awesome Uncle Lloyd. Uncle Lloyd is hilarious! Plus he's just a teddy bear. He put up with a 3 week trip along the coast with me while I was a teen. You didn't know me as a teen (Hyper!) or my best friend I traveled with. So they are winners in my book. Uncle Lloyd just thinks he's a survivor but I say it was one fun trip. (By the way, those who don't get why the picture says "check my grill", it means teeth. I learned that from my nephews. I'm not really that cool).

Below: I look like the Jolly Green Giant next to my Aunt. It's kind of like when I stood next to my friend in a wedding who was (and still is) really beautiful.  When I stood next to her for a picture, I looked like a burn victim in comparison. Aunt Joy in the picture below makes me look like a giant and I'm only 5'5".

Below: my dad on the left.

Sooooooo, after church I went to the grocery store, even though it was late, and picked out stuff for meals.  I don't really like going to the store.  I'm happy once I'm finally there but I'm even happier when it's all over with.  Tonight I had my two older boys and baby Caleb and I met my mom there. We shopped together so that was nice.  :)  Anyhow, after walking in heels for a couple of hours, by the time I walked to my car my feet were so sore!  As I was loading my groceries, my foot started to cramp.  It was a really bad one.  I took my shoes off and tried walking to get the cramp to go away.  It was NOT working and it was so painful!  I started jumping up and down and then running around the van.  I did this for 10 minutes with people walking by me.  Not to mention that my van was parked in the very front parking spot right by the front door where people could see me.  I'm sure they were wondering who this weird lady was that was dressed in church clothes hopping up and down and running around the van. (Maybe they thought I was having my own revival in my head). I was a tad embarrassed.  But, hey, my kids embarrass me all the time anyway so I guess it's not a big deal.  You know, like when they see a guy with a white beard and yell out that they found God.  Things like that.  Or when they ask a guy with a bald head why he has broken hair.  So, me looking crazy in the parking lot just fits our family profile anyway.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

That is so neat that you were able to visit together. I think next time you're jumping in the parking lot that you should shout "GLORYY!" several times and shake your arms a bit. :]