Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boy, Santa Is Early!

When we visited the Bass Pro Shop the other night, we were suprised about Santa being there. I was caught off guard because I would have dressed my kids up and put little Caleb in an elf suit. That would have been so cute! I was planning on cutting the boy's hair that night too. Oh well, so here is Ivy with Santa. She thought it was great even though Santa was early this year. By the way, my kids don't believe in Santa but they still have fun seeing and talking to the man! LOL

Here is Ivy and Ashley below. Ashley didn't like it one bit but I thought it was a great pic anyway for memories. :D

Little Caleb has been good in his 7 weeks of life so he'll be getting presents this year.  Haha.
The boys with Santa.  Chaz, my oldest (far right), was embarrassed at first but then with his brothers by his side he was happy to be near the guy.  He's in that really self conscience stage.  He thinks everyone is staring at him.  lol.

I'm kind of surprised (maybe) that Christmas is all over the place. Whatever happened to celebrating Thanksgiving?  Is it being fazed out or is it my imagination?  Thanksgiving is an important day, at least to Christians.  I love Thanksgiving and all that it stands for!  So we don't decorate till December first for Christmas.  Everyone is different though.  :D  Oh well.  The kids still had fun shaking Santa's hand before Thanksgiving.  LOL.


momto9 said...

we dont decorate till later either. I'm always a little dissapointed that TG is not a bigger deal around here.

Chris H said...

WE don't celebrate Thanksgiving in New Zealand.
I saw my first Santa yesterday.
I already have my tree up!
Rather unusual for me, my tree usually goes up about 3 days before Christmas!
I'm in the MOOD is all! ha ha ha.
The kids look adorable wth Santa... well except for Ashley! Poor kid, it looks like she's petrified.

Danielle said...

Love the Caleb shot! I start listening to Christmas music on Halloween... my mom and I always say it's kinda the devil's day, so let's give God the glory! I'm such a Christmas fan I start getting ready early... it's my fav holiday and I am just so so so excited this year for my kids because they're starting to feel the thrill of the season! It doesn't diminish Thanksgiving for us... just makes the Christmas season seem a little longer which I LOVE!!!! (: