Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Binky Buddies

Ashley understands why Caleb needs his binky. She still loves hers and I never wanted my kids to have binky's after the age of 1 and here Ashley is 2 years old.  Oops.  Well,so now I have to binky babies. 

Anyhow, it's been so crazy here. I haven't blogged much since I've been doing so much deep cleaning and it seems I have so much more! How do you people keep up? I can do a lot of surface cleaning but it has been so tough to do more than that at times. I did a double take when I saw how bad my floor boards were. So I cleaned that. Then I realized my cupboards were crying for a cleaning so I did that. I'm almost afraid to ask my bathtub how he's doing. Saturday we worked in the backyard for 4 hours and also raking up all the dead grass and such. Sheesh la weezers. I'm not a natural organizer nor phenomonal cleaner so I never understand how people can always keep their house perfect. My sister is like that, she's so talented. So I guess everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. My weakness happens to annoy me very much.

So on to more encouraging subjects. While at the doctors office to have my son checked out, he started to pick his nose after the doctor walked out. I tried telling him (at least a hundred times) that it's impolite to do that in front of people. I also tell him that's how you can get sick. You have germs on your hands. It falls onto deaf ears. So the next time I saw him do it, I made him drop down and give me 20 push ups. That got his attention. Haha. I don't care where we are, in the store or at home. If he starts doing that, I making him drop and give 20. Today we were in the backyard playing relay races and he did it again as a habit and I made him give me 20 pushups right there in the grass. He's starting to pay more attention. It works.

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Chris H said...

I am guessing a 'binky' is a dummy? That's the thing in their mouths?
Poor boy... picking your nose is TOTALLY NORMAL child behaviour MUM!

Push ups... ! well at least his arms will be nice and strong for his NOSE PICKING activities eh? lol