Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland at Bass Pro Shop

We took the kids to another kid's night at the Bass Pro Shop and was planning on doing a scavenger hunt. Instead we found out Santa was there and they had new and fun stuff to do. So the kids had fun in the winter wonderland area. The kids got pictures with Santa and even Baby Caleb did. My kids don't believe in Santa but they still liked getting pics with him. :) I ended up running into another mommy who has 7 kids and we chatted for a bit about birth control. JUST KIDDING! No, we talked about homeschooling, blessings of kids, how spaced apart they are, etc. We talked while our kids waited in line to do rock climbing. We didn't get to do everything we wanted to do but that's okay! We'll save it for a different night.

The kids and I below:

Ivy kept finding (fake) presents under the tree and was just so excited about it!

Ivy thinks she's getting this for Christmas (below).  Ahem, I think not.

Ryan rock climbing!

Kyle is rock climbing below.  See the pretty girls in the tutus?  So cute!  They are sisters with 5 other siblings.  :D

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GiGi said...

OOhhh sounds like a great wa to spend a night!!! For everyone!! Lol. I wish we had one close by =(