Saturday, November 24, 2007

So Incredibly Thankful

(First picture is of my sister Tammy (brown hair), my dad, me, and Charles holding our little girl at Thanksgiving).

Today I was going around visiting some of my favorite blogs and I was reading Homemaking Homesteader's. She had a great blog about A Season of Thankfulness. These are my thoughts after reading her article.

Lately I have really sat back and reflected on things. Especially my family. Even though many around me are against larger families, I have began to really appreciate my kids more and more. I love life with them more since I had made a choice to set down some of my selfish desires. Especially since some of them are so unsatisfying. Lately Charles and I have been really talking about life before our kids. Boring! All we did was go to work, come home and either pop in a movie, or eat somewhere. I mean, there wasn't really a lot to do. Making dinner just for two wasn't as much fun either. Now, I have a little baby to snuggle, a little toddler girl to hear all her cute antics, boys I play kickball with in the backyard, and my dogs to run around the yard with and play, my birds to hear their pretty chirping, and my kittens to watch playing and wrestling. I love to hear my little girl pacing around the room while she pretends to talk to someone on her little phone. I love to teach my boys from the bible and hear them praying for each other. My life is just so much fuller than back when all I had was our jobs and money. Whoopeedo. There is only so much happiness you can gain from money. It's just so temporary. Of course we need money to live our lives but I learned not to worship it and build my life around it! My family, God, and friends have been the most fulfilling thing I could every have imagined for my life. Thank God for His blessings.


K said...

What a sweet post. I think your absolutely right, money is nothing if you don't have family, friends and people to love in your life. And I think big families are awesome, I think it's wonderful that you have such a large family :)

momto9 said...

I ffound mydelf nodding while readin this post!