Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Homeschooling and Enrichment Program

Today I was really tired from doing a lot of running around. Generally, I don't like running errands because it breaks up the harmony of the day. It's weird to think how much I've become a home person. That must be why they call it a "homemaker". Hee, hee. Anyhow, I went to go check out a new "school" for the boys. I will be homeschooling my boys soon and I finally found the program that I wanted. It's online so they only do 50% of their work with textbooks. Then twice a week they go to the Enrichment Program where they stay like a regular school day but they get stuff like P.E., computers, music, and touch base on other stuff that they wouldn't get at home. Not only the big factor, they love having friends. So they would be at home 3 days a week and at the Enrichment School twice a week. It's just really a great program Charles and I are really excited about it. We couldn't believe how different the attitudes and temperaments were with the kids there compared to the the previous public and charter schools my kids were going to. It was unbelievable! I've never seen such calm and well behaved kids who were so extremely respectful to each other and their teachers. The classrooms were small and orderly. Kids had great attitudes. Wow. That's basically it. Anyhow, you can tell I'm excited.
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