Sunday, November 11, 2007

Goose House

I absolutely loved this when I saw this at the zoo. This is a house for "Lucy Goose". I wondered in my head, "could I possible build something like that for chickens"? I just want one rooster and a couple of hens. Although I had been thinking about a couple different kinds of chicken coops. This was the most attractive by far and extremely cute to look at. Next would be building a sufficient enough cage so dogs won't get a hold of one. I mean, I do have a Labrador which is a bird dog. I moved the huge parakeet cage from kid's playroom onto my patio. At first I was worried because my lab and great dane were getting overly excited looking into cage and wanting to get to them. Now they are used to them though and don't bother them. I hope it would be same for chickens. This is just one project I am looking into for Charles and I to have fun with. Anyhow, I thought the little house in this picture was just such a cuter touch compared to a regular chicken coop. The whole idea is to get my kids and I into caring for other animals and just having fun discovering more about God's creation!

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Forget the goose! Make it four feet taller and invite me and my kids to come play with yours!! It looks fun!

Mrs. C