Monday, November 12, 2007

Funny Comment!

I was visiting Katherine's blog site, and when I went to leave her a comment, I found this funny comment from Sherri, another fellow blogger. This is funny and so true, check it out:

"I'm so with you on the groceries. Pardon the long comment, but here it goes."

After planning meals, checking the pantry for what we need, driving to the store, etc. Then we have to do the following:
1) Take items off shelf
2) Put
3) Take items out of cart
4) Put items on conveyor belt
for ringing up
5) Put items back in cart
6) Wheel cart out to car
7) Take items out of cart
8) Put items in car
9) Drive home
10) Take items out of car
11) Carry items in house
12) Take items out of bags
13) Put items away

"Anyone still amazed that we hate this chore?"
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