Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bad Colds and such

It's been a rough start to a new season with my kids and their colds. It's been hard not being able to go to church. The rules state, "No babies with green discharge allowed in nursery". Sooo, with both of my little ones having just that, I haven't been able to bring them. And believe me, I miss church. :( Anyhow, so we are home tonight and I'm about to lay all my little stinkers down. I've been sick myself and so in this pic above I had just woken up with a nap! Obviously. You can tell. So don't make fun of me. Ryan dressed the cat and wanted me to hold her while he took a picture.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Yeah, I was a parent who ignored the "no green discharge" rule with my second son. He was on antibiotics CONSTANTLY for almost a year before the doctors finally referred us for surgery... poor little kid. But it's not contagious with that amount of med. in your system no matter how gross it looks.

That was a hard time. I hope you guys all feel better soon. (hugs)

Mrs. C