Thursday, November 29, 2007

100 Things About Me

1. I have 5 kids. Three boys and two girls.
2. I have been a Christian for 14 years.
3. I was raised in a Christian church since in my mom's tummy.
4. I am married to Charles. (Sweetest guy on earth!)
5. I've always wanted to have a large family (like at least 7!)
6. I was born with blond hair and had it all growing up but now I have to highlight it to keep it blond! Argh!
7. I look terrible as a brunette.
8. I have blue eyes.
9. I am terrified of Alligators (and snakes) and will not look at them at the zoo.
10. I was blessed to have parents who have stayed together my whole life.
11. My mom was a homemaker and still is!
12. I love to sew. (Although it's hard to find time for it. I love sewing parties.)
13. I love country music but usually don't listen to it because of the immorality in it. Every now and then I find a good song and then I just belt my heart out!
14. I love praise music more! (I love to sing to it while cleaning house.)
15. I thought I was 5' 7" for years. Come to find out I'm 5' 5". It was just my heels I wore. LOL
16. I love to shop. (Duh. I'm a girl. I don't blow money though. I'm a good girl!)
17. I have a best friend Brianne. Although we are opposites in many ways and even have some different beliefs, she is dear to my heart.
18. I long to be my pre-baby weight at 125. (Who doesn't?)
19. I love God with all of my heart. Although at times I've walked away from him, He has never left me.
20. I love dogs. I have a beautiful Great Dane.
21. I used to have cats till they kept peeing in my laundry.
22. I love birds but since I can't keep them alive in my house... well, I keep my distance.
23. I don't really like going to people's houses that don't have a fence around their pool. It is most unrelaxing worrying about my kids.
24. I looooove Christmas time because it is so much fun giving and baking cookies. It's cold and we have to bundle up. I love the music and Christmas lights.
25. My anniversary is in December.
26. I was born on Flag day, June 14.
27. My nationalities are Irish, German, English, and Cherokee.
28. I have a french last name because of my French husband who is Hungarian and French Canadian.
29. I own a home with 4 bedrooms and big back yard!
30. When I was single I supported myself on $5.75 an hour and only made $600 a month.
31. I felt like I was gonna starve to death. I was way underweight at 110 lbs.
32. I had no car and would take the bus to my job at JCPenney.
33. I love being pregnant but hate the very beginning and the very end!
34. I love giving birth. It is such an exciting experience. With or without the epidural. (Even though it hurts like crud!)
35. I love the zoo. I'm just an animal lover! Although I'm not a weirdo about it. I don't knit clothes for the poor giraffe's in the winter.
36. I met my husband at my sister's church where her and her husband pastored. Thank goodness they found him for me! LOL!
37. I think homemaking at least while your children are young is so important. (It meant a lot to me!)
38. I love to cook.
39. I love even more to bake. I love to make the cake but not to eat it. I'm not much of a sweets person.
40. I hate doing dishes.
41. I love doing laundry.
42. I love new technology. I want the new Scuba robot that mops your floor.
43. I loooooove my laptop. It's my baby and I love having Wifi.
44. I have a hard time making friends after being betrayed so many times. Who hasn't? But I'm trying to come out of my shell. There is no life in unforgiveness. But it is a true fear I have, making friends.
45. When I was a teen I seriously battled depression.
46. I am completely free from that. I think the teen years are very rough and would never want to go through them again for nothing.
47. I love my elementary school years until my parents moved. Then I disliked school every since.
48. I never finished high school. I got my GED and then a certificate from courses I took in College.
49. I was terrified of high school because girls threatened to stab me there. I eventually pulled myself out and went to work. I tried homeschooling myself but couldn't afford the cost.
50. I love to sing. I sing on the platform at church for song service. Not for reason's people think. I only love to sing praise songs to God. God loved David's songs to Him.
51. I love the colors red and black.
52. I've always wanted a red convertible.
53. I think the love of money really is the root of all evil (as the bible says).
54. I love the mall and so does my husband. Just to walk around and window shop.
55. We own a red minivan although I long for an SUV instead.
56. As of December 5, 2007, my husband and I will have been married for 9 years.
57. I am 29 years old and my husband is 31.
58. Between my 5 kids, I've had 10 babyshowers. Such a blessing!
59. I hate talking on the phone. I'd rather email or IM. I think it's so rude that people will call just because they're bored! Why should I stop what I'm doing because they're bored?
60. I always love talking to my dad though.
61. I attended teen bootcamp in New Mexico every summer 6 different times.
62. I have dimples. (How come none of my five kids do?)
63. I played flute for concert band in school.
64. I played alto sax and tenor sax for Jazz band in school.
65. I was 4th chair in honor band once but hated it because girls were snobs. (So weird).
66. My sister and I got to cheer lead for The Suns on court once for the half time show when I was little.
67. I love pink roses.
68. I love pink sweaters.
69. I love shoes that have a high heel on it. (That explains why I thought I was 5'7" all those years!
70. I absolutely love homemaking. I feel like I'm living my dream I've always wanted since I was a little girl.
71. I am now homeschooling my children.
72. I love to swim.
73. I love snow but have to travel to see it.
74. I hate mopping but my husband loves it so he took over that chore for me. Wow! What a man.
75. I love to ride horses and also day dream about living on a farm. (But still close enough to drive to a city).
76. I love Bookstores!
77. I am the youngest of three daughters.
78. I lived a sheltered life growing up which I am very thankful for. My husband quite the opposite.
79. I absolutely LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry and Vanilla soda. Yummm...
80. I had braces when I was a teen.
81. I learned how to drive on a stick shift first before an automatic.
82. I hate horror movies. They are so evil. What is the point? "Yay! Let's scare ourselves to death. Fun!" Not like I own movies or a TV anyway.
83. I love middle eastern food like crazy.
84. I am terrified to go camping. Afraid to get robbed or shot.
85. I love taking pictures! I've always wanted to be a photographer.
86. I dislike confrontations. I can't see why people seem to seek them out at times.
87. I can play piano but mostly by ear. That's what makes it fun for me.
88. I am a major beach girl. Love the beach but don't live by one.
89. I know all the states and all the books of the Bible by heart.
90. I love Rocky Road and Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
91. I hate stuffed animals. What's the point? They clutter the place.
92. I'm in love with Girl Scout's Thin Mints. When I see a girl scout, I practically chase her down.
93. When I can't find a girl scout, I settle for Mint Oreo cookies with milk only.
94. I can make killer cookies, pies, and cakes. Only if not in a rush though.
95. I love to read.
96. I was raised without a TV and I don't have one now. Time waster!
97. I love to play volleyball and basketball. (Played basketball in school).
98. I got to play one and one basketball with Meadowlark Lemon (Harlem Globetrotters). He trained me how to play.
99. I love board games such as Guesstures, Risk, Clue, and Scattegories.
100. I love going to bed with peace in my heart knowing if I die I'll make Heaven my home because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The bible promises me that!

Whew! That's a lot!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Wait, wait, you're homeschooling all of them?? You can't just tuck that in a post way down low! What's going on?? ;]

Mrs. C

Virginia Revoir said...

I'm only homeschooling two kids, silly! Just my six and seven year old. My younger three are too young for school still. :P

Anonymous said...

wow thats cool what happend to LCBA

Virginia Revoir said...

I liked LCBA. It's just that I've always wanted to homeschool my boys so I can do Bible Studies with them here at home also. I don't have much time for that otherwise because they were gone for 9 hours and had to go to bed early. They had to get up at 6am everyday. :o)

Qtpies7 said...

That's quite a list!
I want to send my kids to teen boot camp. And one of my boys wants to go so bad. I just can't afford it.
I thought I'd come and comment that the brake light in the car..... umm, my dd somehow unknowingly slightly set the emergency brake, lol. DuH!

Hay said...

lol you win...100 is a lot of things. Gorgeous family!

K said...

A fun list to read! I was raised without a TV too. That's really cool that a Globetrotter taught you to play basketball!

El Shaddai Ranch said...

Nice to learn more about you.

Anonymous said...

Neat. It was fun getting to know you better. Sweet family. I think TV is a HUGE time waster as well.

Julie said...

Wow, that was quite a list. I love to read too.

Be Inspired Always said...

Wow what a list!

I'm new to your blog please feel welcomed to come and visit mine.