Friday, November 16, 2007

Similar Thoughts Shared From a Friend

After posting "Thoughts From My Heart", I had a friend write to me and let me know that she had just went down this same road as me. Same thoughts, concerns about our children. You can read Kristin's blog here about it. It was really encouraging. Thank you Homeschool and Etc. for your encouragement also. Thank goodness for women like you.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hi Virginia! Just letting you know *I* felt led to blog on this too. And as to the anon asking you if you have enough to do, of COURSE you do. Other stuff will just have to go if you decide this is where God leads you. I do NOT want you to feel pressured either way... just searching and asking God because HE is the only one whose opinion matters!! Oh, and being in line with dh is pretty important too.. but I think when you are both in line with God it minimizes those disagreements. Bless you!

Mrs. C

PS thanks for the link to the blog. We are ALL very like-minded in several ways LOL!