Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun Diet

Yes, I have found the perfect diet. So called. Well, as soon as I had the baby and I had recovered (which is always right away for me), I went to the usual place I like to go to monitor my eating habits. Sparkpeople. Well, I signed into the section for moms who are breastfeeding so I can make sure I get enough calories each week to keep my milk coming. Well, they said I need to have 2200-2500 calories a day. So I thought, great, no problem. I'll just start tracking my calories now so I can lose some weight. Welllll.... come to find out, I don't eat enough! My daily intake is about 1500 calories a day and they are telling me that if I don't start eating more I could lose my breast milk! THIS EXPLAINS WHY I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO BREAST FEED FOR VERY LONG WITH MY OTHER ONES. I never eat enough. In these last few weeks I just would write down what I ate for the day in Sparkpeople without even watching what I was eating. I WASN'T trying to eat less. Charles always did say I didn't eat much. Okay, so if I wasn't nursing, actually 1500 is great. But not good if I want to keep my milk. So I'm like 1000 calories under my daily intake. So, now I'm going from trying to scale down... to looking in my fridge to force myself to eat more than I'm used to. This is really weird. I have no choice in the matter since I always have trouble keeping my breast milk. I guess this is what you call a fun diet. I've even gone to Mcdonalds just to cheat to add up the numbers quicker. Like getting a 500 calorie double cheeseburger. Sigh. So much for losing weight this way. I guess I'll go back to my aerobic classes again. Those are always fun anyway. Especially when the grannies are quicker than me.

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