Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend Birthday Party

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    Sunday, after church, Charles' little cousin had a birthday so there was a big get together at Aunt Cindy's house. This picture is of me and my sister-in-law Melanie holding Ivy. In the album you'll see a picture of my mother-in-law Maureen with Ivy. When I first saw Melanie and Maureen, it was obvious they were related to Charles! I loved the dark, dark hair and fair skin. Beautiful! When I saw Maureen's beautiful blue eyes, I only hoped and prayed I could at least have one kid with those eyes. Well, I got two with those nice blue eyes. The other two and nice green eyes like Charles and Melanie. I can't believe I have all these blonde children. But...Charles was also blonde till he was about 13 years old and I had it all growing up so it's obvious I guess. We had fun at the party. I actually really enjoy spending time with my in-laws. They are very pleasant and fun to hang around with. We look forward to the get togethers. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so much family! We had a little Easter egg hunt but next Sunday we will be having a big one for Easter. I can't wait to decorate eggs with my kids!!! I especially can't wait to make baskets for them. We decided that since this is a Christian holiday, we would fill their baskets with Christian themed items instead of just toys. Like Veggietales story tapes and bible story books and other fun stuff. We're so excited!

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