Monday, April 24, 2006


Last Thursday I babysat Brianne's little ones. Brianne lives soooo far but her doctor's office is close by me so I babysit when she goes to her appointments. I know how she feels! It's nice to just go to the doctors without boring the kids to death with all the waiting. Then they get fussy, then the doctor looks at you and says, "You want another baby?" Hee, hee.... I had that happen before. Well, hello, of course when you bring kids to a boring office for a couple of hours, they're gonna find it torturous. One time I brought the kids when I was pregnant with Ivy and Ryan told the doctor to stop hurting me. By the time the doctor actually saw me after all the waiting, the boys were trying to figure out what all the gadgets were for, and Kyle was an emotional mess. I wouldn't recommend you trying tranquilizers to calm them. Just get a babysitter. In exactly one month I will have a babysitting service that watches my kids every Friday and Saturday nights. Yes, you have that right. Charles and I can go on dates. Witness together. Walk the mall. Go anywhere for 4 hours on Friday and Saturday. Every week. The kids will love it too because they will get out of the house and play every week somewhere fun. It is sooooo important to have alone time with your spouse. Remember, marriage comes before kids. Not the other way around. These days it seems as if people idolize their kids. That is not God's design of course. God didn't create Adam and Eve with a baby placed in their arms attached to the hip. :) No, my kids have never slept in our beds. Ooohh, bad idea..... When they've burned up with a fever, I would lay next to them on the floor or on their bed. Thank God they don't make family beds! LOL! What a funny thought.

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