Thursday, April 20, 2006

Clean up or Clean Out

That was it for me today. I went in the boys room and said, "You can't keep it clean, we're cleaning some stuff out." I filled Ivy's crib over the brim with stuff to sell, then threw bags of stuff out I didn't think was worth selling. So.... Enough is enough. Another thing is their closet. They play hide and seek in there so all the clothes on the hangers end up all over the floor. It's more of a problem for me because their closet is color coordinated. Chaz's hangers are blue, Ryan's red, and Kyle's white. That way when they go to pick out their clothes, they know which ones are theirs. Yes, that has been a problem for me since Chaz insists that his 2 year old brother's clothes fit him. Um...yeah. You should see Chaz when he walks in with high water pants and tiny shirts. It's so funny. So, I told them they can't play in their closet anymore. I threw away their cool race car rug because boys can make things so incredibly dirty and I want to be able to clean their floor real easy. Arrgh! They just had too much stuff. I think I did pretty good. I donated a lot of my own clothes. Probably about 70 or so shirts and pants. I know! That's a lot! But I don't fit my tiny old waist of size 3 and 5 anymore! Ha! I'm a woman now! Yay! Okay, yes I did do some shopping online to replace some because I didn't want to have to sing on stage at church in my jammies! :)

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