Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mind Whirling Days

The days with appointments have been whirling in my mind. I feel as if I am dizzy with the blur of events and appointments we have to go to. Tuesday we had an appointment. Today we had to have Chaz get another evalution. Then tomorrow Chaz has another appointment. After that, we have to head to the doctor to get Kyle's stitches out of his head. Then on Wednesday, Chaz sees an Allergist Specialist. Then next Friday he sees the speech therapist. I will stop there because it is never ending!! I have been tempted to hire a laundry service to take at least one burden off my shoulders for awhile. But I will be fine since I bought an AWESOME NEW washer and dryer set. It hold tons of clothes and I had to watch a DVD just to see how to work it! I love it! It's a front loader so I'm gonna buy the pedestools they make for them so they'll sit up higher. The kinds that are also drawers so you can put stuff in there. Accept I would never put anything in there that my babies could get to. I'm so behind on things because it's hard to think when I'm constantly interrupted with phone calls for appts and questions. If it weren't for my relationship with God, I would be crushed under the weight of it all emotionally. I am glad I got Chaz started on Reliv. It's going to get better over time. :)

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