Wednesday, April 26, 2006

McDonald's Scare

This is the machine I just got to start working out on. Trust me. I need it. Whew!.

I was with my kids at McDonalds to get them an ice cream cone. I don't get them ice cream often but with whatever change they could get I let them buy it themselves. So they each had 2 ice cream cones and Ivy had one. She was upset when she saw Ryan have one so Ryan gave his ice cream to her. When I went up to order with the boys, the worker asked if I had four children. I said I did and then she asked me how I stayed so skinny. I told her I didn't diet or exercise. She insisted that I jog or something. I said I don't! She didn't believe me. I said, "look, my dad has a great metabolism and that's where I got it". She started telling the others to look at how skinny I was and I must jog. I said, "okay, don't you see that I eat at McDonalds?" Dieters don't eat here! I should be dieting for sure though. Anyhow, that's not the scare I had, (although embarrassing). I let the boys run up one last time in the playland. This playland is very high. Ryan came running down to tell me that Kyle (our 2 year old) climbed out of one of the windows on the top. I didn't realize what he meant until I happened to look up and see that Kyle had in fact climbed out one of the windows. Not just anywhere, but on the very top!!! Oh my gosh!!! He was like a monkey crawling on top of the tubes and bars really fast. I started yelling. "Oh my gosh! Someone get a worker"! I couldn't see him so I ran around frantically trying to see how to catch him. But most likely if he fell, he would fall right on the concrete where I couldn't reach him. I was frantic. I thought I would fall over from fear. I yelled to him, "Kyle, stay right there!" I was ready to climb it myself to rescue him. Instead, Kyle crawled back through the window to safety. I was shaken and extremely relieved. This playland was those really tall ones where the roof is extended to make it bigger. By the time the workers came running in I had commanded the boys to go up and PULL Kyle out. I didn't care if he screamed, just pull him out. The manager had Chaz and Ryan show him where the broken window was and they showed him at the very top. Thankfully, Kyle wasn't hurt and we discovered it before another little one was injured. Where Kyle would've fell, he would've fell on concrete from very high up and could've either died or been seriously injured. Thank God for guardian angels. Kyle's must be on double duty.

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Amber said...

Oh my! I think my heart stopped for a second reading that! Thank the Lord for protecting him!