Friday, April 28, 2006

Waiting for House

You're probably wondering why our house isn't done being built. Well, because the City of Phoenix was on vacation and decided that they wanted to take an extra loooong time getting back. No really, they were just so backed up that it was taking awhile to get the permits. Now we finally got them and they are ready to build. Sigh.... I don't want to live in an apartment for another six months but its not bad because this apartment is 1000 sq feet. Still! I have so many designing ideas and I can't do them!!!! Argh! Those that go to Arizona Mills mall in Tempe.... I love the furniture store called Home Mart. I can walk in and like everything there. That's the style I absolutely adore. The guys KNOWS us there because we talk about what furniture we're gonna buy there everytime we go. Oh man. It'll be so nice to paint the walls from an ugly, dull, boring white to something of color!!! Yes! In a polite way, I don't like looking at white walls. If I'm gonna live here everyday, I need some color. So, I'll be grateful when the house if finally built, it's not huge, but it'll be sufficient enough while my kids are young.

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