Monday, April 03, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked questions

Q: Are you still living in that little apartment?
A: Yes, it's not too bad. It's 1000 sq. feet so it's not too little. But it is only 2 bedrooms so that's kind of tough. Chaz doesn't mind sleeping in the tub. Just kidding. The boys sleep in the same room.

Q: Why did you move so far away?
A: Well, because my husband got a new job in Phoenix and I wanted to live as close a possible for a little while. For years, he has worked close enough to where he could come home for a nice hot lunch everyday and I was hoping to continue that a little while longer. Another reason is because Tempe apartments are ridiculously priced and have long waiting lists. Besides, Phoenix is waaaaaaaaaay prettier than Tempe. Especially by the mountains.

Q: Are you pregnant?
A: No. Why, do you wish I was? :)

Q: Do you want any more kids?
A: Yes. Most definitely. We'll see what happens. Because of things going on with Chaz, our lives have become doubly hard. It's pretty rough and I need God's strength daily! Without God, I don't know how I could make it. The news with Chaz was heart breaking for us and has been tough.

Q: What was Chaz diagnosed for?
A: Asperger Syndrome (a milder form of Autism, thank goodness), ADHD, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Q: What made you decide something could be wrong?
A: Ever since Chaz was crawling, he did a lot things that we thought just needed to be disciplined for. A lot of people have made comments that he just needed to be disciplined. That has been hard to take calmly because we are unbelievable consistent. Basically, "we've been there, done that". We've tried everything. But since we've had 3 other kids, we can't believe how much easier it's been with those three. Chaz has been to 3 schools in 1 year and all say they can't educate him. He extremely, beyond just being a boy, aggressive. Okay, since there is such a long list, all you have to do is type in Asperger Syndrome on google and they will tell you everything. It's like reading about Chaz almost exactly. It's too hard to name everything! :P It would take up too much space if I typed it here.

Q: Is he on meds?
A: No, I decided I don't want him to get an addiction to any medication so I would find another alternative that has been proven successful hundreds of time over. So the odds for Chaz should be pretty good. The product I am using is expensive (the meds were free), but Chaz is worth every penny. :)

Q: Are you still going to homeschool Chaz?
A: Probably not because I am enrolling him in a program for Aspergers. This place works with kids who are going to seek help without meds.

Q: What if your method doesn't work?
A: Well, meds weren't gonna cure Chaz either so I'd rather have nothing work than to put Chaz on meds and create an addiction problem.

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