Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Allergist, Chinese Food, and the Park Incident

Today I had to take Chaz to an allergist to get him tested for food allergies and such. I want to see if there is anything aggrivating Chaz's symptoms. So....when I get there they said the insurance only wanted an office visit just to see if he even needs to be tested. Come on! I've fought them so hard on this to cover it. I told the doctor, "what more can I tell you than what I have?" Sheesh. He's got all kinds of allergy problems. The doctor said that after I answered all the questions, she can tell he definetely needs to be tested. So, I'll be back in 3 weeks to do the actual testing. Then after that, we headed to my moms and then we all went for Chinese food. Then we headed to a real nice park and had a great time. We all wore lots of sunblock and I wore a straw hat. I am not going to ruin my skin! Of course then a fight had to break out while we were there. My mom and I saw a group of older kids all of a sudden gathering around. Then you could hear a lot of yelling. There had to been about 40 teens. We all just looked at each other and I started to run towards them but then I had to stop myself. That was a pretty big crowd of older teens and I'm the only girl. It took everything in me to just stand there. I told two older adults with phones and they went running towards them and warned them to stop or they're calling the cops. The poor kid that was getting beat on said these high schoolers wait for him everyday to come home from school and then they start chasing after him. This kid brought twelve friends but they all got scared because they are younger than the high schoolers. So, the 13 year old boy was on his own. That is so messed up. What a bunch of punks! It takes a real loser to beat on a younger kid, especially with a group. I couldn't jump in for 2 reasons. I'm a girl, and because I had my kids. Ohhh.... frustrating.

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