Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dyeing Easter Eggs

So I finally finish the boiling the eggs to perfection. It started out as 2 dozen eggs. By the time I boiled them, I had lost 2 eggs because somehow they cracked. I stripped the kids of their clothes just to be safe and I set out all the different colors after Charles ran to the store to grab some vinegar. It was pretty neat except for trying to teach the kids why eggs are so delicate. I think we lost about 6 total. Oops. I'm supposed to bring 24 eggs total. Kyle tried to drink one of the cups that dye the eggs. He didn't get far and thankfully it's not dangerous. After the scare of Ryan swallowing a little Lego, Kyle trying to drink the egg dye, Chaz cracking every egg that came into his hands, and Ivy fussing because she wanted to eat one, I think we can call it a day! I did learn one lesson....start out with 3 dozen eggs. That way we won't sweat the loss of eggs and we can just chow on all the cracked ones.

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