Friday, April 07, 2006

Me and My Girl

I had to share this picture because it is so cute. Ivy was being cute in her crib and talking in her little girlie voice (with high pitched squeals). I have to add that because as you can tell, I'm used to boy voices around this house and I get excited when Ivy lets out a ear piercing scream. Yes! I finally got a girl! I'm lovin' every minute of it. But when I feel like getting dirty and playing Cops and Robbers, I know which kids to look for. As of right now they are all carrying around guns and looking for "bad guys" while their daddy is looking at his paintball gun. Charles looks forward to the boys getting old enough so he can have the "Revoir team" when they go paintballing. For now, he's happy with "looking for terrorist" hiding in someplace inconspicuous. Like the bathroom. Or under the bed. Kids are so cute. :)

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