Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Bad Days with Kids and Cars

Yesterday was just one of those days where you are so grateful the sun eventually went down and a new day could begin.  I can be a schedule nerd and have certain things scheduled for a certain day of the week.  Tuesday is Kroc center day and I went with a friend.  Between both of our kids, they fought at least half the time.  Someone kept coming to one of us to constantly tattle.  I always teach that you never tattle unless someone is being a pervert or someone is in danger.  It was just one of those days where tattling went rampant, and was over the most dumb stuff,  so I felt more like a referee than a mom.  I think this week we are gonna focus on the subject of tattling and nip it in the bud.

After the KROC center we went to IKEA for the kids eat free and to get my favorite meatball plate. I had to keep reminding my kids to sit down, we are not in McDonalds playland.  No running around tables or sitting under your chair.  This is common sense stuff I've taught my kids for a loooong time so I was frustrated.  On a good note I found something fantastic for organization in the boys room.  It was hard to relax because I had left Juliet with Charles before going.  I was fine when I left because I had just nursed her.  By the time I finished eating at IKEA I needed to really nurse her.  BAD. I started to be in a lot of pain and by the time I purchased my items and checked, all I kept thinking about was that I needed to get home.  My husband said she was happy and sleeping but I needed to get home quick.

Finally, we make it to the van, loaded the kids and the purchases, but my van doesn't start.  Argh!!  IKEA was closing and there were not many people left.  My friend thankfully hadn't left so we just had to find someone with cables.  I found a family and we sat there for a half hour trying to get the van to start.  Ashley kept telling me she had to use the restroom but by then everything around us was closed.  NOTHING was open anywhere near... or far. Just before we finally got the van running Ashley starts screaming that she pooped and peed her pants.  Ashley had diarrhea and that's why she couldn't hold it.  My friend cleaned up Ashley (which was soooo nice) while I loaded the kids in the van.  By now I was in TONS of pain and just needed to nurse Juliet.  She was fine at home with a bottle but I wasn't.  It only took 3 minutes to load everyone but once my friend drove off my van died again.  I was supposed to immediately drive off so the van would make it home but I couldn't.  By then the kids and I were really alone and I had to call my husband to come rescue us.  As soon as my husband pulled up with Juliet in the car, I immediately nursed her.  I didn't care what anyone else was doing, I was just so relieved and Juliet was happy to eat.  He drove off in the van so I could just sit and nurse before heading home.  Sigh.  When I went to bed I was so happy there was a new day coming in the morning.  This one I just wanted to forget about.

As frustrating as the day was, I was so happy waking up today to just peace and the comfort of my own home.  :D  After bad days like that it makes me just want to curl up with a good book and sip some hot tea...

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