Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Make Omelettes in a Bag

I learned about this from a friend who had a breakfast party at a house.  My husband is not an omelette fan at all till he had these and he loves them.  You don't have to worry about burning them either because these don't go in a frying pan.  The party was with adults though so there were more options for things to put in their omelette.  I just picked one item to add to it so my kids would like it.  Otherwise, I would have a bowl of chopped onions, another bowl of mushrooms, maybe a bowl of diced green peppers.  Then just let people pick.  It's better to use the freezer Ziplock or Hefty bags because they do better in boiling.

Anyway, I put on a pot of boiling water and put towards back of stove for safety.  Then I told the kids to put into their own bag 2 eggs, 2 spoonfuls of shredded cheese, and 2 spoonfuls of meat (it was Kielbasa).  That was an easy way for them to remember. Twos of everything.  After they zip it closed have them squish the bag to mix the ingredients.

Then they put their bag with their name written on it into the boiling water and then set timer for 10 minutes.  Sometimes it takes 12 minutes.

When its done they just open the bag over a plate and let it roll out.  Then they put shredded cheese on the top if they like.  My kids just gobble it up!


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Brilliant. I could never get my omeletes to run out right. I gotta try this.