Thursday, July 12, 2012

Out of Town Friends and Stock Room Organization

I love how at the Kroc center they let my 4 year old little Ashley rock climb.  When we go to the Bass Pro Shop they don't allow it.  Ashley is the little one in the brown shirt (2 from left).  I really, really thought she would be scared and only go a couple of steps but she really climbs up there fast.

Ashley is so cute and tiny. She likes to help me pack snacks for all the kids whenever we get out.  She says she can't wait to be a mommy and have her own family.  Yeah, she's four... quite a ways to go for her.  Not such a long ways for me because kids grow way too fast.

We had a couple of kids from out of town visiting.  Chaz's friend and Ivy's friend.  They really are good kids and I love having them every each time.  In fact, I beg their mom for extra days because the kids get along great and never fight.  Well, of course I wanted to take them to the Kroc with us so they we could all play.  

Dexter and Chaz
Ashley, friend Cassidy, Ivy
Here are some pics of the kids rock climbing....

Ashley (4)
Ivy (6)
Ryan (10)
Chaz (11)
From left: Caleb, Kyle, Ryan, Chaz, friend Dexter, Ashley, friend Cassidy, and Ivy
Okay, okay... I'm so embarrassed but I moved Ivy and Ashley into a different room again.  I made a playroom for everyone to play in so I moved Ashley and Ivy into the smaller room.  Well, no one played in the playroom and it was just left empty every day.  Seriously, you could hear the crickets in there. Well, I've had the problem of baby Caleb constantly getting into the stock of food and tearing things open or ripping off labels.  Finally, Charles and I decided to take out the playroom, put the girls back in, and make that small room the stock room with a lock on the door.  Thank goodness.

Our plan is to buy more shelves, maybe more like the one pictured, maybe not.  Then we'll place them around the room.  I'm seriously running out of space for everything.  That's not picturing all the nonfood stock that we have that's taken over the hallway closet meant for linens.  There is absolutely no more room left because it's holding lots and lots of baby wipes, diapers, toilet paper, shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, detergents, etc.  I'm OUT of space with that too. I'm gonna have to put some organization into the stock room so I can free up that linen closet also.  Since the boys will be taking drum lessons we might put a drum set right in the middle of the room.  We shall see.  My husband is a trained drummer so he will be able to help with their lessons.  I DON'T want the drum set in the living room if I can help it.    

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Chris H said...

Awww it was so lovely watching Ashley climbing that rock wall! My two did that the other day too.