Monday, July 23, 2012

Ivy's 7th Birthday Party Fun and Build-a-Bear

The kids were throwing around a bouncy ball in the house.  I said to them, "If you guys keep hitting my expensive guitar I'm gonna have a cow."  So Kyle says, "Mommy, you're gonna have a cow?"  Then Ivy hears him and starts shouting "Guess what, everyone?  Mommy is gonna have a cow!  That means we can have our own milk to drink.  Yay!"  I had to reel that one in quick.  Ha ha.  No, mommy ain't havin' no cow.

We celebrated Ivy's 7th birthday at Makutu's Island and had so much fun.  I am kicking myself for forgetting to go on my favorite slide.  It's really steep and I always fly really far when I come out.  It's kind of embarrassing actually but so worth the fun.

We took Ivy and her friend Cassidy to Build-a-Bear.  We love that place and visit there quite often.  In fact, back at Christmas time they had a special where they double the gift card value that you buy. We paid $20 but got $40 worth and saved it for Ivy's birthday which was going to be seven months later.  So when I went the other day I used those, plus a $10 off coupon.  The register rang everything out to $50.26.  After I handed her gift cards and coupons I only had to pay .26 out of my own pocket.  Patience paid off.  :)  I hope they do that promotion again with the gift cards because it's perfect to hold onto for birthdays.

The boys have finally outgrown Build-a-bear and so I mostly just have the girls that care.  I turned to Charles the other day and said, "I think having girls is gonna cost you."  He smile and said "It's okay.  They are worth it."

By the way, funny story.  I just got a FedEx package dropped of which was the router I ordered from Amazon.  However, the receipt that came with it says "Thank you for ordering 40 ovulation tests."  Hmmm... I don't need help getting pregnant but thank you anyway.

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