Monday, July 02, 2012

Couponing for a Few of My Favorite Things

Got some great savings at Fry's yesterday!  These savings are good until Wednesday. Remember, I don't just find savings through Sunday paper coupons but also online.  This past week they have been having a Daytona savings where if you buy 10 items (that qualify) you save even more money. Then I added coupons on top of that. Some of these things were less than a dollar but since Fry's makes all coupons worth $1, I was able to apply that overage to other items that I would have paid for otherwise.  I used the overage from the Sun Bird seasoning packets and the Bayer Aspirin to be applied to other items.

Here is what I got...

4 boxes of Hot Pockets, 6 boxes of cereal bars, 7 bottles of Bayer Aspirin, four 12 packs of Diet Dr. Pepper, Coffee-Mate creamer, 9 boxes of Hefty freezer bags, Huggies Swimmers, and 22 packages of Sun Bird Asian seasoning (Bourbon chicken, General, and fried rice seasoning). 

It should have cost $147 total.  
I paid only $9
That's a savings of  94%! 

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