Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Couponing at Fry's and Big Savings

This week I got 10 inserts from the Sunday paper because there were some really, really good coupons.  See the potential freebies on this page?  If your store doubles coupons then you'll get 10 free toothbrushes and 10 free toothpastes.  There were cereal coupons in there also that would make each box of cereal only cost .69 cents.  Also, there were other potential freebies.  I'm waiting for the items to go on sale.
Okay, so I kind of disappear when I'm planning out a big couponing trip to the store.  I have been keeping up with my newspapers and inserts each week so that has helped a lot.  However, it takes several hours when I study Coupon Sense and find all the internet coupons I want to print out.  Half of the coupons I use are from the internet.  I think I did pretty well.  I only got half my shopping done so tonight is another big trip to the store.  Last night I saved 73%.  I spent $153 but saved $571.  Not bad!

Fry's is having this really neat sale right now so I took advantage of it before it's gone.  Here are my freebies.  I forgot to include some but this is most of it.

This all should have cost $118
I paid $4!


Pa Ul said...

Just dine in here Pizza Hut to get inspiration to create again. I like your post, interesting design.

Unknown said...

Soo, you got spammed I see. LOL. Happens to me all the time, which is why I moderate comments.

You got some great products there...I LOVE Purex too, it is all I use but I suppose if I had the option of getting laundry soap for free, it would not matter what brand I used, right?

Hope you are well...Blessings!! :)