Thursday, July 26, 2012

Self Made Dimples and Coffee Thieves

Ivy in church raising her hand for prayer
We started back up our bible study at home with our kids.  :)  I would love to share a neat resource with you that I found by chance.  First of all, I have this audio bible drama presentation (Kidz Bible) of primary Old and New Testament stories.  We'll pick a chapter or several chapters to hear, and then I'll print out worksheets.  I'm not a huge fan of NIV.  Actually, I'm not a fan at all of NIV versions of the bible but for the sake of telling a story in the bible for little ones, this CD is fantastic.  While they are listening I have them draw the story in their notebook.  The worksheets will have something to do with the bible story and I print out different ones per age.  It's just really neat and we look forward to it every day.  Chaz was trying to get me to do a second bible study yesterday.  :D  When I said no he just picked up his bible and started reading to himself.  He says everyone should read at least one chapter a day.  I'm not sure of his reading comprehension though because that was one of the issues he had in his evaluation.  He can read straight through a whole book and not know what he read.  Aspergers kids tend to see things in pictures so he learns better visually.  He even understands better listening to the story which is why this CD comes in handy.

Kyle and Ashley
You know, I'm still wondering why NONE of my kids got my dimples.  I have SEVEN kids and NOT one got them.  I love it when kids have dimples.  I'm thinking that since I got them from my grandpa then maybe I'll have grandkids with them.  LOL.  Don't be fooled by this picture, Kyle doesn't have them.  He created that dimple by walking into a corner of the wall.  No joke.  I know God sees the desires of our heart but I really wasn't wanting a dimple to be made like this.  I'd prefer them to just come that way from birth. 

You know how kids come up to you and say something without you really paying attention?  Well, somehow I agreed that once Ivy turns seven, which was a few days ago, she would be allowed to drink coffee.  Hmmm... well, every day she counted down to her birthday because she was excited about that cup of coffee.  Seeing her excitement when the day came, I really didn't want to see her face fall and so I just acted like I knew what I was doing all along.  Of course if it was something more serious I'd reel it back in.  If she said when she turns seven she'll start robbing banks and I agreed, I would take that one back.  This is just coffee so I'll deal with it.  I told her the deal is that her and I share a cup of coffee so when I brew one every morning, I split it into two cups.  A half cup for me and half cup for her. Of course when she walks away, I add more to mine.  Heh heh.  This morning I ended up with half a cup again because two year old Caleb stole mine when I wasn't looking.  Goodness!


Unknown said...

My children like to steal my coffee too...must be a disease that they all have. :) I drink de-caf so they don't get the full effect but none the less, I LOVE a FULL cup of coffee (not half-empty right after it was filled)...not to mention that they backwash too. EEEW! :D

Karen said...

I've just given up and make a full pot of coffee. They all like it...and they take my creamer as well. :-) I figure the caffeine can't hurt my ADHD kid, and as for the 2 that have trouble sleeping with caffeine, it doesn't hurt them in the morning. Oh yes, they are currently 2,3,5,7,10, and 12...

Virginia Revoir said...

Karen, your comment made me laugh! Haha! I have 3 adhd kids as well so I figured it wouldn't hurt them either. It actually helps.

Ewww, Sally, you are right about the backwash. Haha.

Zion said...

I had no idea so many kids were drinking coffee? I hated it until I was an adult. Your sons dimple sure is cute, even if he wasn't born with it ;)