Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday to My Ivy Girl

I know today you'll be busy, Ivy, and I know I might not get the chance to say this to  I want you to know how special you are to me.  You came in my tummy after three boys and we couldn't wait to see what it'd be like to have pink in our house.  Having a daughter was a dream in my head that finally became real and I didn't believe it till the doctor announced out loud that you were indeed a girl.

Friend Kerrianee and Ivy
I love how you were excited that we deemed Juliet to be your "buddy".  Someone that you would watch out for, help pick out outfits for, tie her shoes when she some day needs help, etc.  You get upset with me if I don't let you change every single diaper.  It's been two months and you still aren't sick of it.  I'm amazed.  You are gonna make a great mommy someday.

Ivy dressing Juliet
I love that I was able to give you little sister Ashley who is only two years younger so you have someone to play with and be close to.  I'm so grateful that you have a cuddle friend every single night that you can tell your secrets to.  I love how you say "Kerrianne is my best friend but Ashley is my best, best friend."  Mommy's lecturing about treating your siblings even better than your friends must finally be getting through.

Ashley and Ivy
I love how you are such a tomboy but you always dress up for mommy when I say so.  I love how you sigh when you have to dress up for church and admit you want to be respectful.  I love that you secretly enjoy swishing in the dress you didn't want to have to wear.  

Ivy and Ashley
I love that you are outgoing and are understanding how important it is to open your arms to potential friends rather than only have one.  I love that any little girl in the room is someone that just might need a friend to play with.  

Ashley, friend Cassidy, Ivy

I love you, Ivy.  You are a pretty amazing 7 year old.  Happy birthday!

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Chris H said...

What a delightful post! Happy Birthday sweet Ivy.