Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Trouble with Dogs and Chickens

I think I'm considered the animal lady on the block because I'll have someone knock on my door with a dog in hand and say, "Would you like to keep my dog?"  80% of the time I say no, unless I feel like the dog needs some caring for help for finding a good home.  So yes, dogs do come through here quite often but I always help find them a good home and put prospects through the ringer when they offer.  However, I got a cutie the other day.  :)  The doorbell woke me up and I almost didn't answer it but it was my elderly neighbor.  She said she couldn't care for her anymore and asked if I would take her.  Would I? Yes!  She's adorable and only 4 months old.

My only dilemma I have with my little dogs is they chase my chickens.  I know it's in their nature but it's causing a major problem.  We love our chickens and the eggs.  The black little dog is eating their eggs and I also caught him the other night hurting one of the big chickens.  He was on top of her biting her really bad.  She's missing feathers and we just nursed her back to health.  It's soooo sad.  I really want my chickens to walk around the yard but now we might have to keep part of the yard separated to keep the animals apart.  Phooey.  We loved having our chickens walk right up to our patio door.  Does anyone have any ideas about dogs and chickens?

We are thinking about raising chickens again.  I'm just wondering if I have the time for it.  It's not too hard but when I did it I only had five kids.  Back then though I wasn't a couponer either and it truly is like a part time job. I just really miss my tiny little chicks.  :(  We miss gardening also and having our own fresh vegetables.  When the season is right we'll start it back up again with the kids.

I wish there was a way to train my dogs to not chase my chickens.  I mean, it is in their nature so I can't be upset about it.  My really big Great Dane gets along with them fine.  Either that or he's too lazy to chase them.  LOL.

Wanna see a chicken that doesn't mind laying on her back and chillin'?  Heh heh.  Here you go.  Goodnight chicken.

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