Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ivy's Burn Update and Restrictions

Yesterday I took Ivy back to the hospital to have her burn checked.  Chaz really wanted to come and Ivy's friend also.  I waited till evening so she could see the same doctors.  They unwrapped the outer parts so they can see the dressings.  Some of it had slipped off of her burn so they had to add more.  It was painful for Ivy to have it all messed with and she was crying.

Ivy has some restrictions now that she has the burn on her leg.  She can't go swimming till it's healed and the bandage falls off on it's own.  The inner bandage is like an artificial scab that falls off when the burn is better.  It'll take about a month to heal.  However, she can't get a sunburn on it or it'll be a permanent scar.  For the next year and a half she'll have to wear pants or long shorts.  When she swims it has to be covered.  We don't want to take any chances so we are going to buy her a surfers type suit for kids and we'll let her pick it out so she likes it. It just goes to her knees.  

They gave me extra bandages for changing. She absolutely cannot touch her burn or she could get an infection.  The staff kept talking about Ivy's eyes and how beautiful they were.  Then telling her how much they loved her hair.  They were the sweetest people.  I'm so lucky she was at this burn ward because it's the second best in the United States.  Wow!  It's so sad to see my little girl in such pain and have all these restrictions.  On a good note, I asked if ballet was still okay and they said it was actually perfect.  She needs to keep flexible so the wound heals well. If she doesn't stretch it, it can heal like hard leather.  I'm so happy she can still do ballet because she's been waiting so long to start.  We are gonna buy an extended baby gate for my kitchen area because we don't want to take anymore chances of something like this happening.  It was really, really scary.
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