Saturday, August 04, 2012

Picture Taking and Having Fun at the Science Center

A few days ago I got an email from the science center that they needed a few kids for picture taking at the science center. Could we come? problem!  We love the science center!  I spent all morning getting the kids ready, cutting the boys hair, and making them look good.  It was fun because when we got there they told the kids they just want them to stay in a certain area, play, have fun, and act natural.  In the meantime I snuck my own photos in.  :D

Ewwwww..... What's with the pile of manure?  See below.


Kyle is holding Caleb's hand during a demonstration about storms and fires.  The heat comes on, the ground shakes, and they get mist sprayed at them while watching the videos.  It's pretty neat. :D

While Chaz is looking through this, it shows his eyeball on a big screen.  

Ivy thought getting pictures from the science center photographers was awfully boring.  

Caleb and Kyle talking to other kids while shooting hoops.  

Ryan on the Skycycle.  The photographers were gonna use him for pics on the Skycyle but couldn't because he was wearing a black shirt. Ryan was bummed so I just paid to put him on it.  :)  Pretty neat!

Ryan loved it!

Ivy working hard to pull herself up on the hardest one. Ha ha.  She did it though!

This was Caleb's favorite area and I hated tearing him away from it so quickly but we had to go wherever we were told.  Seeing him play in here made me realize I need to get some stuff like this for him in our house.  He is in his big brothers room but once we get them bunkbeds, there will be more space.  

I need to find this Lego table for Caleb.  We have the one for small Legos but seeing Caleb play at this one for so long makes me want to get one for his age too.

Ivy on the bed of nails

It was a fun day but we were SUPER tired at the end of it.  Who knew having fun and taking photos was so tiring!  We were in downtown so we had to walk somewhere to find a restaurant to eat at.  We were getting a lot of stares so I guess not that many big families walk through that area.  By the way, Subway can get expensive with so many people eating and you know me, I always use coupons!  Even with coupons it's really added up but it was the most affordable place to eat nearby.  

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