Friday, August 24, 2012

When the Boys Are Away the Girls Will Play

The guys are gone camping for three days.  I love to plan and pack so I enjoyed going to the store looking for camp items and packing the bags. I put each kid in one corner of the room, yelled out an item off the list and they had to quickly go find it and put in their pile.  It was fun because I sounded like a drill sargent and they moved fast.  Ha ha.  It was one in the morning and we were tired.  It's Kyle's first year going with the guys so he was excited and kept saying he couldn't believe he was going.  I looove taking pictures so I'm sad I won't be able to see the fun stuff they did. I only have four kids with me so it's super easy to go places.  Us girls and Caleb found our own fun stuff to do....

My 3 are on the right.  Caleb's ball was so slow they laid down to watch it go.

Above: Ivy bowling

Caleb watching to see where his ball is gonna go

The kids had sooo much fun and they played two games of bowling

Ivy kept practicing her splits for ballet while she was there

Ivy (right) with her best friend Kerrie

Ashley (right) bowling next to her friend

We might go somewhere today.  I'm trying to figure out whether I want to take advantage of the quieter house and get some cleaning done or go out again today and have some fun!  Argh.  I have the cleaning lady on my right shoulder waving her feather duster at me and the party girl on my left trying to get me to have some fun.  


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Chris H said...

I say go have some fun!
Housework will ALWAYS be there, no matter what you do.

NO... baby is not living with us, we are just babysitting for a day or so.