Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rocket Experiment and Boys with an Attitude

Today I took the kids to the science center to learn how to make rockets.  It was so neat!  

This is a class of all homeschool kids and the local science center offers experiments for them.  This time it was about making our own rockets.

We learned about Sir Isaac Newton and about action and reaction.  We only needed cardboard, cups, soda bottles, water and air from a bike pump. It was awesome.

This is Chaz's rocket.  Who knew we could shoot the rocket high in the air using only water and air?  How well you made your rocket determines how high it goes.  Obviously it's best to make everything symmetrical 

Ivy is getting ready to shoot her rocket

Ashley was pretty excited to put on her science glasses and do her first experiment.  So cute.

This guy has it set up to where you have your rocket (20 oz soda bottle) filled halfway with water.  He made a thing where you hook a tube up to it, turn it upside down, clamp it with an attached string, and pump air into it. When Ryan pulled the string, it made the clamp let go and the rocket shot really high into the air.  

Once we were finished we went back into the science center for awhile.  A nine year old built this ferris wheel and donated it. It was going round and the boys were amazed a little kid built it.


Chaz and Ryan

Ashley weighing herself on the weight wall.

We didn't stay for very long because while the boys were on the bed of nails, they got in a punching match.  NOT JOKING.  I was so embarrassed and upset with them I calmly walked up to them and said we are leaving.  I cancelled the McDonalds trip, Game Stop trip, and put them to work with chores at home.  They were NOT happy but hopefully they learned their lesson.  They were all in tears.  I kept a notebook in hand and whoever complained about their chores got another one added to it.  They learned real quick to work in silence AND with a good attitude.

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