Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ivy's Night at the Burn Ward

Last night I was excited to take my oldest son and go workout at the gym.  While we were there he ran into his friend who also has Aspergers syndrome.  They went swimming together while I was upstairs in the gym working out.  The picture you see of my view while I'm on the elliptical.  The mom and I started talking after my workout and we were sharing ideas about school and helping our sons.  Chaz had turned my phone off to save the battery but I told him to turn it back on.  Well, we forgot to turn it on for about 15 minutes and that's exactly when Charles was trying to call me and let me know Ivy got hurt.

Ivy's left thigh
On my way home with Chaz I get a call on my cell and Charles was calling from inside an ambulance. My heart just dropped as I anxiously waited to hear who was hurt and if they are okay.  I could hear Ivy screaming in the background and I could hear she was in terrible pain.  Because he couldn't get a hold of me he had to get a neighbor to watch our kids so he can ride in the ambulance with her.  I felt so bad!  I only had my cell phone off for 15 minutes.  

Before the gym I had put food in a crockpot.  Since it was gonna take awhile I just pushed it back towards the wall in a corner and told the kids to stay away from it.  Ivy wasn't in the room and didn't hear me.    I never boiler water on the front burners and I always push anything that's hot toward the back wall on the counter. Well, she made herself a bowl while I was gone and before Charles could see her. She sat down to eat and baby Caleb crawled up on her lap and made it spill.  That's how the burn happened.  Charles pulled her pants off and saw the skin boiling and peeling away so he called 911. 

She was screaming for so long they finally had to put anti-anxiety meds in her I.V. and gave her lots of pain meds.  She relaxed but still felt pain, just not as bad.  She started getting a little goofy saying funny things.  In this picture she is showing her daddy her bracelets and telling him how expensive they were. She started being so cute once she was relaxed.  She doesn't remember any of it though.  

She was released last night but is to come back tonight to have it all looked at again.  Thankfully it only turned out to be a second degree burn but they still won't completely know the damage until it heals.  Burns keep damaging for awhile. They gave her a type of bandage over her leg that falls off once the wound heals and it'll take about 3 weeks.  Poor Ivy.  I'm going out to buy a baby gate so if anything is cooking I can keep any kids out of the kitchen.  It's just too scary with little ones.

Ivy happy once she got medicine through her I.V.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

WOW. :( So sorry!! I hope she is well/heals soon.

~Tammy~ said...

oh my. I am So sorry to hear this! Hope Ivy is soon up and about.

Chris H said...

Oh dear, poor wee Ivy!
I hope she isn't in too much pain and she heals quickly.
I have a 'gate' to stop babies and puppies getting in the kitchen, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Accidents happen so fast, we all have them, it's just how it is.

Anonymous said...

Your poor little girl! I am so sorry to hear that happened and I wish her a speedy recovery!

Danielle said...

What a miracle that the baby didn't get burned! Seriously how did he not?? What a miracle. Poor Ivy. What a little trooper!

Amber said...

Poor sweet girl! I pry she heals quickly with no scar.