Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Meeting Moms in Parking Lots...In Your PJ's

So my big van is finally getting fixed!  I mean, the whole works.  New transmission, new power windows, new rims, paint job possibly, and darker tint.  I love my van but it's just been sitting there while we drive a smaller one.  We've been squished and it's not fun.  Have you tried to squish in with an Aspergers kid? Everyone can be in tears within 10 minutes.

I needed to go to Target today since my kids and husband are going on the father-son camping trip tomorrow with our church.  Well, as we were unloading I noticed another big van pull up.  This one was a 12 passenger or something like that.  A mom of seven came out and I don't know about you but when I find another large family mama, I want to say hello!!!  Then, across from me a mom of 10 is getting into her van.  Wow!  This almost never happens.  I actually felt normal for once.  The mom of seven gave me her email and to top it off she homeschools.  I loooooove to learn from others and how they run their home.  The problem was that since I had only intended to run in and out of Target quickly, I wasn't dressed so great. Next time I get the fabulous idea that it won't matter to wear pajama shorts going somewhere, I'll just remember this.  You might meet another mama who you might want to impress just a tad.  Pajama pants won't get the reaction you want. Heh heh.

I took Caleb and Ashley in for a regular check up and I was curious as to how Juliet was doing with her weight.  I've had people point out how little she is and some say they were worried.  I knew she was perfectly healthy but this way I can say "doctor said she's perfectly healthy."  She's three months and 11 lbs.  She's following the curve perfectly but she is long for her age.  Caleb is healthy to but the one thing that was sad is that his binky shaped how his teeth grew in.  Oh mannnn, makes me sad.  At least they are not permanent teeth.  That thing is just going in the trash.  She said it's not a problem for moms to use binkies for naps or night time but should otherwise keep them away.

It's hard for me to want to take them in because I'm used to getting pressure about vaccinations.  She told me I need to get them vaccinated for pertussis because it's going around.  I asked her if it's going around amongst the unvaccinated kids.  Do you know what she said?  Nope, it's going around amongst the vaccinated kids.  Yeeeeah, I think I'll stay away from that one.  I smiled and politely turned that one down.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

YOWIE, Juliet is small! But think on it this way: all those little baby things fit that much longer! :)

Karen said...

My second daughter was long and thin as a baby as well. Now she's tall and thin as a 10-year-old. :-) Everyone would call her "petite", but she was long, not small, so she did seem kind of scrawny...but perfect for her! She was only 18 lb. at a year old. My boys were the opposite, born big and kept getting bigger so that I could hardly lift their infant seats when they were 6 months old.

Chris H said...

shame about Calebs teeth. Our little granddaughter sucks her thumb and her teeth and now even her upper and lower jaws are misshapen too.
At least you can throw away the binky, we can't chop off Rena's thumb!