Friday, January 20, 2012

When Life Happens, Sometimes You Have to Laugh

See the tread gone?
We've had some crazy car issues these past couple of week.  Only being able to drive the large van but not the little car.  So Charles has been having to take the van back and forth to work every day so my kids haven't been able to go to school on Fridays.  The day we got the car fixed, I went with Charles to drop him off at his car so I could take the kids home in the van.  My husband insisted I take the cell phone with me in case I break down for since the transmission is going out.  I was like, "Yeah, yeah okay."  Well, I was driving home and we all her "BAM, BAM, BAM!"  The kids screamed and I pulled off the freeway.  While pulling off the freeway I was baffled that although it sounded like a I got a flat tire, it didn't feel like it.  I got out and saw that the tread had come off the tire and the loud sound was the tread hitting the metal of the van and bending it.

The tread bent the metal up
What it should look like
Since my tire wasn't popped I just drove really slow home and parked it.  As I was getting ready to mop the floor a bit later I started sweeping and thinking about how ironic it was.  How is it the moment we get my husband's work car going that we can't drive the van?  As disappointing as it was, at least the car was fixed on the same day and he can still get to work.  I figured I'd take it as a blessing.  Then, as I was sweeping the floor, this happens....

My broom falls apart!
Okay, now that is funny!  Haha!  We now need a transmission, new tire on our van, and now a broom.  Oh well.  Life happens, right?  For now we will have to take turns going to church since we can't fit everyone in the car.  Well, you do the best you can.  :D


Unknown said...

Stop beating your kids with the broom and it won't fall apart, silly! LOL! Ha ha...just kidding. It sure lightens the day when stupid stuff like that happens, doesn't it?

Virginia Revoir said...

How did you guess? haha :D

Bonnie said...

Most of the time it seems like that the only way life happens--all at once! Glad you have such a positive attitude about it. :-)

PS--your broom looks like our vacuum--duct tape is my friend!