Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crazy Kid Prank and a Letter Goodbye

My son Ryan likes to play these big pranks on the family but I think the other day his went a little too far.  It still gave us a chuckle but only because Kyle started laughing....after about 10 minutes.  Charles and I were talking in the back room for a bit (about a half hour) and when we came out, Kyle walked up to us sadly and handed us a card.  He said, "Mom and Dad, I have something really sad to tell you.  Just read the card."

I opened the card....

It says, "Dear Mom and Dad, Ryan and Kyle don't have a working heart so I'm just telling you so we can say goodbye to you, Mom and Dad.  Love, Kyle and Ryan."

I looked at him confused and asked him why he thought that.  He held his neck and said he didn't feel his heart "beeping".  I smiled and told him that he wouldn't be standing there if his heart had stopped and then I showed him how to feel his heartbeat.  It took some really good convincing.  With Ryan smiling  behind him I asked him what was going on.  He purposefully showed Kyle the wrong spot to check and then told him it takes about a day or two to die once your heart stops, so Kyle figured he had enough time to write a letter and prepare us for it.  Ohhhh, I felt so bad for Kyle (my 8 year old) and reassured him his heart was still "beeping."  After he realized it was just a huge prank he was laughing about it with Ryan.  What a stinker Ryan is!  I kept the card because I thought it was sooooo cute.

I guess I'd want the chance to say goodbye to family rather than die instantly.  Some say they wouldn't want to be sad and would rather go instantly but since having so many deaths in the family, instant or over time with cancer, I don't know what's worse.  I've had family members die instantly and I wished I could've said goodbye, told them I loved them.  The ones that died over a period of time from cancer, I wonder more what their last days were like.  Does everyone act sad around them all the time?  Does knowing your death is coming soon make you completely depressed and hard knowing you won't see your loved ones grow older?  Agh.  It's just all such a terrible thought.  Alas, it's a reality that happens all around us.  I'm just happy my heart is right before God.  I'm glad I'm learning to quickly forgive wrongs, apologize quickly when necessary, and am learning that some things are not worth fighting about.  Each day is precious on this earth.

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